Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confusing times

Yes i am indeed confused. i cant seem to make any sense of the things that are happening around me.  am i losing my mind or have we as a whole completely lost it?

First theres the shocking news of a 15 year old boy shot to death for driving without a licence in seksyen 11.

Forget about all the extra details, theres just too many versions anyway.  the fact still remains that he's a kid who got shot in the head bcos he was driving around without a licence. and in trying to digest that truth, my mind shuts down completely bcos it has become completely illogical.

Then a friend tells me of another kidnapping attempt only recently reported in seksyen 19.

Remember the story (read about it here) of my friend's son who escaped the clutches of heartless kidnappers by jumping of a van last year?  and how to this very day those villians are still on the loose? well, there must be more of them around bcos it has happened again.

And again by the grace of god, another boy escaped to tell his tale. that makes 2... that we know of.


A boy gets shot for driving without a licence. and a van full of villians gets away with kidnapping.


My brain has shut down again.  Al-Fatihah untuk arwah aminul rasyid.

*Posted here is the email concerning the kidnapping attempt:

Assalammualaikum & SS,

Anak lelaki saya hampir dilarikan/diculik oleh sebuah van berwarna putih petang semlm. Saya tak pandai bercerita, tapi saya ada buat lakaran dlm PPT (attachment) untuk adegan kejar mengejar antara anak saya dengan van tersebut, dan beliau hampir ditarik masuk ke dalam van.


Tarikh: 21 April 2010 (Rabu)

Masa : 7.00 - 7.30pm (Selepas kokurikulum)

Lokasi: Berhampiran Sek Keb Sek 19

Suami saya lewat sedikit tiba menjemput anak saya di sekolah kerana baru pulang dari kerja. Anak lelaki saya berumur 12 tahun dengan ketinggian 165cm. Setelah berjaya menyelamatkn diri dari van tersebut, anak saya berjalan kaki dari Sek 19 ke U12. Tiba dirumah jam 9.30 malam. Ketika itu saya dan suami berada di Sek 19 sehingga jam 10 malam mencari beliau di sekolah & rumah kawan-kawannya dan sekitarnya.


Warna : Putih

Model : Vannete

Pemandu : Lelaki memakai singlet putih, tubuh gempal, berambut pendek dan jambul berwarna perang.

Penumpang: Seorang lelaki disebelah pemandu, dan beberapa org lg di tempat duduk penumpang (tidak pasti).

Laporan Polis.  Saya telah ke Balai Polis Sek 15 jam 7.25 pagi tadi. Polis menasihat agar laporan dibuat. Tetapi anak saya saya masih dalam keadaan ketakutan dan tertekan. Saya juga masih dalam ketakutan.  Tidak silap saya ada email (tahun lepas) tentang kejadian yang serupa yg menimpa anak jiran nya (lelaki) berumur 12 tahun di Sek 7. Kejadian juga semasa Maghrib. Budak lelaki tersebut dapat menyelamatkan diri setelah melepaskan ikatan tangan dan lari dari van tersebut semasa van berhenti di traffic light Padang Jawa.

Saya berharap tiada lagi kejadian yang serupa berlaku. Maklumkan kepada rakan, jiran, saudara dan anak-anak kita agar lebih berwaspada.

[Names & certain info have been witheld]


madam gold said...

Salam Justiffa,
Yes...crimes are everywhere nowdays.Anything can happen and plans change in splits second.
In Feb my car was broken into and in April the same car was stolen.Now to go out shopping or to stop anywhere from work pun I dah phobia.To go out at night is definitely out of question.Feel as if somebody is following me...

NanaDJ said...


Salam. I am still angry and sadden over the shooting of that 15 year old boy. But where are all the so called NGO's that make so much noise when people die in police custody - their silence is deafening or is it because he was only a malay boy and has no political connections or can't be politicised by those do gooders.
Alfatihah for him.
As for the spate of kidnappings, its scary and what are the police doing?

Anonymous said...

it's not suppose to make sense and you're not suppose to understand it. all i can say is that there are people out there who are "not nice" but don't be discouraged and don't lose hope. there are GOOD people out there too. there is always hope. thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Justiffa said...

Mdm Gold.. its terrible isnt it just how much violence have escalated here in our once peaceful country. i'm sorry to hear about your car & your trauma. from one woman to another, i do understand the fear & the vulnerability that certain situations can make us feel.

And rightly so bcos these days penyangak main kasar je, nampak peluang terus lash out. their mission: disable the victims first.. regardless of condition or willingness to cooperate.

We need to find the balance between living our life to the fullest and keeping safe. its hard but we must perservere i guess.

Take care ya :)

Justiffa said...

NanaDJ.. susah nak terima its happening here in my own backyard.

The kid that was shot used to be my daughter's junior in school and looking at his FB, rasa mcm nak teriak tak berenti. the injustice of it :(

The kids who got away from the kidnappers are also within the sphere of people i know so it has gotten a little personal. and as mothers we cant help but be sadden, distressed & greatly concerned about all this.

Where is the protection when we need it? or should i ask, who is supposed to be protecting whom?

Justiffa said...

Tq charlieFlii. yes, there is always hope :)

And i do believe there are still enough good people out there to make sure that, despite the 'ugliness', we'd still be able to have a blessed & meaningful life.

June Malik said...

scary kan how these things are happening so rampantly? the shooting is of course a rarity but i hope its a lesson for the police , but such a bad way when it cost a life. remember when we were young we can roam the roads and have no worry?, and now even two roads away we sent our kids !

Justiffa said...

Juney if its bad now can you imagine how its gonna be for our grandkids? kesian depa :(