Thursday, April 22, 2010

Teman Setia

We had him since he was small enough to fit my palm.  comel tapi comot lol but he was also very frisky.  he had us at the first 'meeow'.

Many years back, a regular stray had given birth yet again to a litter of kittens out on my veranda.  the kids had always pestered me for a pet but since AI & his abah was asthmatic and the other 2 had allergies of their own, i had always said no.  but there comes a point in time when the good outweighs the bad and a choice between the lesser of 2 evils had to be made and i said yes. the kids were older and despite their allergies, the responsibilities of having a pet would greatly contribute to their development.

I agreed provided that it was a HE (i didnt fancy being a 'grandma' a thousand times over by choosing a female lol) and provided he passed the 'potty' test (HE had to be able to use the litter box).

The kids were understandably esctatic (they'd wanted a cat ever since i could remember).  and there was something about the comel tapi comot guy that pulled at our heartstrings.  even from the start, we knew that he was the one.  and bcos mak said that the poor sod would be lonely without a playmate, i agreed to take in another!!!!

The was later a hilarious mix up of gender & names lol but we did finally end up with 2 tomcats :

Nicolei OBB aka Nico
(One Ball Bandit - the vet confirmed that he had a retained testicle)

Chewbaca OGB aka Chewy
(Opah's Golen Boy - he later became mak's companion)

The two tomcats filled our days with much fun & laughter.. and more of our fair share of cat poo and vomit lol.  sadly chewy died at 3 yrs leaving Nico in the company of mak's substitute companions.

Nicolei is now 6 but his cat age is actually equivalent to our 40 year old.

Like me, he's not keen on too much fuss & attention.

Like me, he's not overly expressive.

But i know that like me, he too loves the family.. with all of his tiny kitty heart.

Aning.. we'll love you till the end of time :D

21/04/2010 - 4k/PM/sek9
22/04/2010 - 3k/AM/sek9


xplorer said...

comel btul chewy, mcm singa

Cheryl said...

Kak Iffa - those cats....eeee, I wanna give them bear hugs lah.... My daughter has a cat and a kitten. Betul-betul cute. I did not like cat much at first. Now, I love them lotssss.

btw, I've messed up my old blog and since then, locked up. I've got a new one set up : Do visit. Thanks

Justiffa said...

Thx xplorer mmg chewy comel and we mourned his passing a couple of years back. but we here think that nico, our buahati, is also very the comey.. but of course we're absolutely & irrevocably biased la ;p

And just in case kot2 la xplorer confuse, jgn tertipu ya, nico tu kadangkala nampak mcm chewy sbb akak inai kan dia lol.

He's actually a comot grey tomcat yg telah di glamerkan hehehe ;D

Justiffa said...

Cheryl so good to see you here :D

Yup cats can be soooooo adorable.. but they must be potty trained la otherwise susah.

And pls do share pics of your daughter's cat & kiiten.. would love to have a peep ;p

Eh akak mmg visit ur blog la but i wish you would update more often :D

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pakmat said...

..handsome chap, justi..cats always hve a way with us humans..stroking them is good therapy for tired three toms sometimes accompanied me for my morning walks..sometimes I think they r more than companions..they understandf usw well..and quick to adjust to our moods..cheers..

Justiffa said...

Kanta/A piece/Hapi

As long as you write nicely i wont consider it as spam.

Justiffa said...

Pakmat - i totally agree with you on this one.. they're more than just pets. walaupun my nico can sumtimes be sooooo sombong (especially in the daytime when he's out with his feline friends lol), he always seem to be there whenever we need him the most.

jdbb pakmat :D

Cheryl said...

Kak Iffa - my daughter did a blog for her cats : . she has some of the funny pictures there. I'll upload some into my facebook in a short while.

keep in touch.

Justiffa said...

She has a blog for her cats? thats great.. she must love em very much :D

Btw, nico has his own FB so if your cats also have one can add as friend la heheh.

Hey again.. good luck with bidor k!!