Wednesday, April 21, 2010


All it takes is putting something edible into one's mouth, chewing it  then swallowing.  what can be more simple? (except drinking of course.. and sleeping heheheh)

But thats not always the case.

We had a call from my BIL early this morning.  my MIL wasnt feeling too good and now that golfman's home could he attend to mek's problem?

My MIL is in her 80's and has hypertension, diabetes and a host of other problems.  but despite all that she's a cheerful, spunky lady who faces life head-on (unlike my mom who's prone to mood-swings and is overly pessimistic).  while her daily dosage of pills would scare a grown man, she downs it like the champion that she is.

But lately she seem to have completely lost her appetite and though she tries her best, finds it such a struggle to eat.  so she gets tummy aches & complains of  'wind' or 'angin'.  obviously taking a mini mountain of pills on an almost empty stomach is nothing but a recipe for disaster.

Old people need as much attention as little children, sometimes even more so bcos they have usually become hyper sensitive as well.

After we managed to coerced her into eating a little of the nasi lemak & bread and sipping on some warm milo, she started becoming chirpier and more like her usual self.  before long she was responding to the jokes her sons were making and giving back as good as she was getting lol.

Yes, on top of her meds more attention should also be part of her daily dosage.  and the children should come up with a revised plan to suit this need asap.

I was still able to make it back home, cook up a quick breakfast for AH & AI (golfman had already eaten nasi lemak mamak with his mom) and punch in on time.

And alhamdulillah a colleague was generous enough to provide free breakfast for everyone.  thank you kak CT.. semoga dipanjangkan umur dimurahkan rezeki & dikabulkan hajat :D

Nasi lemak & pau kelapa

But tell me, wouldnt you have done a double take too if you had found this perched on your table first thing in the morning?  hehehe... just look at all that teeth!!!!!!

p.s. I could almost hear the intense subliminal message of "eat meeeee  or be eaten muahahahaha" .. and yes i have an overactive imagination, i know lol ;p


Oldstock said...

Which is why I say, makan... selagi ada selera.

Justiffa said...

Tapi oldstock, bole jadi 'big' problem la if always 'berselera'.. can become really BIG heheheh ;p

But jokes aside i do know what you mean, comes a point nanti when everything rasa sama je. nikmat tuhan tarik skit2 before the grand exit.

xplorer said...

my philosophy , try everything at least once(of course benda halal ler) before you die.but i always land into trouble when i try everything at least microwave had exploded once due to this philosopy and you will suprise due to what - NATA de COCO

June Malik said...

the teeth lol .. glad your mil is feeling better .. my mom turns 86 this year and still has a huge sense of humor haha .. makan jer tiff .........