Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New teacher on the block

Today is AH's 4th day as a temp at a nearby tadika.  she's now the new 'teacher' and she's pretty excited about it.

For now.

Before the novelty of 'working' wears off.

Or before the tantrums & yellings of the terrible twos & naughty fives start getting on her nerves.  maklum la tak biasa, anak bongsu.

But she loves children.  she had a nose bleed the 1st day when a kid accidentally 'face-butted' her but she didnt complain.  hazards of the job, she said. and she already has her little favourites, ones that she hasnt stop talking about since day one lol.  so maybe this will actually turn out to be a good experience for her.

"Teacher, teacher.. i saw a black cat eat a white cat yesterday teacher"

"Teacher, teacher.. i want that pencil.. THAT pencil teacher!!"

"Teacher, teacher.. can i sit on your lap?"


Oldstock said...

Err... hang on a bit. She loves children but she's dead set on doing the mech eng thingy... hmmm..

June Malik said...

hahah it will be quite an experience for her .. tunggu kena basuh berak and how she feels abt it hahaha .. salams to her :) btw oldstock, i think its cool, a techy that loves kids instead of just the tech stuff :)

Justiffa said...

LOL. she's a bundle of contradiction alright.. tak tau la dia ikut belah mana :D

If there's the metrosexual male who's in touch with their softer side than surely theres also his female counterpart equally bend on roughing it out hehehe.

Lama senyap oldstock, bz ek?

Justiffa said...

Juney.. so far no poopy stories yet lol. will sampai the salam :D