Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hot & crunchy

There's a certain time every month when i hafta surrender my body to this 'monsta' with a HUGE appetite and i tell ya, she eats like theres no tomorrow!!!!

Hehehe.. what can i say, its the darn hormones ;p

While i was thawing out a pack of frozen 'kerang' i'd rediscovered in my freezer (and deliberating whether to make sambal tumis or just stir fry with lotsa onions & chilli api) i had this sudden vision of hot crispy yummy popia with healthy, crunchy vege filling and i knew i just had to have some or i'd go nuts lol.

Rummaging my fridge, again, i only came out with a bag of carrots & leftover mempelam epal from my trip up north. but when one's mind is set on something, nothing really gets in the way and anything goes lol.

So it'll be carrot & mempelam popia yay!!

Mempelam? hey wait a minute...  mempelam can be kinda sour sooooooo on second thought, maybe not. lets just stick with the beta-carotene then lol.


2 big sticks of carrots, grated
A can of mushroom soup as base
A bowl of cleaned and lightly fried shrimps.
1 red  chilli api (mak cant take too much chilli these days).
Oh and some popia skins of course.

Stir & mix it all up madly together.

Portion out the filling into each popia skin, roll em up (i made mine big & fat lol) and set aside. remember to have the oil really hot before deep frying so that it'll be all nice & crunchy.  once golden, out of the wok it goes.

Big fat popias ready to be eaten.

And serve when ready bcos its best taken hot but be very careful not to burn your tongue though, the cream soup base makes it piping hot!   i hope my schweetheart comes home early. he likes both his dinner & supper ready and waiting lol.

And as for me, i've already eaten 3 while frying the popias and getting dinner ready hehehe. all is well ;D


Cheryl said...

emmmm.... looks great. you know, my hubby always said cooking must be 'creative' - make use of what's available. Doesn't have to follow recipes dot to dot.

I salute your 'creativity' - making something out of 'nothing' in a way.... something I find very difficult to do.

Now I got your 'recipe' - gonna try that one day.

Justiffa said...

Desperate wives terpaksa 'creative' lorh hehehe.. everything must be done fast so semua main bantai je lol.

Experiment with the veges but u must use the mushroom soup base so that it has a rich creamy taste. use strips of fried chicken with salad & cheese pun sedap ;p

June Malik said...

oooh i nak !! tiff soon we can have our long overdue run together heheh, part of my training will be with you :)

xplorer said...

a big fridge you must have . eat if you must.(mcm yoda ler plak)

Justiffa said...



We'll be errrrr.. training together?

*double gulp*


Justiffa said...

Xplorer, fridge tu biasa je tp akak ada 'bottomless' freezer hehehe.. kami anak beranak kuat makan ;p

Always hungry..cook we will lol!!

Ikram Zam Zam said...

wahhh..... version popiah yg berlain dari biasa hhuhuhuhu......

Justiffa said...

Alamak bro akak termiss la ur comment :(

To one & all - behold the original creator of the creamy popiah (which i've taken the liberty to modify), my youngest bruder, master ikram aka PB ;D

Eh lama la tak gather2 ek!!