Monday, April 19, 2010

Chipsmore cookies

Sekejap ada..


 Sekejap tak ada.


Such is the similarity between the advert & the hubs.

But he's back... before he pulls another chipsmore act on us  ;p

(for the record i prefer AH's choc chip cookies, tons better than chipsmore lol)


June Malik said...

me too .. well hope cookie stays longer this time :) i had a tiffa this morning and hitting the tm later, i like the tiffa ;p

Justiffa said...

Good for you juney.. the 'tiffa' as you call it, is pure fun lol. kalau twin beds lg best bcos they usually have better springs & u can also jump back & forth from one to the other (just be careful u dun hurt ur knees) :D

And even if u keep at it, paling2 pun the hotel people (or the other occupants) will just look at you funny ekekekeh. why ah? bcos they'll assume you've been having hot, steamy sesions with the hubs ;p

If the cookie stays put better still la ;D

June Malik said...

hahah the tiffa serves many purpose lol .. too bad the one at home not springy enough, but hey can get new one in JB eh??

Justiffa said...

Get spare ones also la..can have 'tiffa' party hehehe ;p