Friday, April 23, 2010

Aktiviti pagi

I've started running the neighbourhood route again since AH started her partime job at the kindy.  theres usually nasi goreng & hot tea on the table (AH & her abah likes their breakfast heavy) before i leave for a half hour of huffing & puffing.  then its a quick shower & change before i drop the missy off and head straight to work.

But late last nite AI told me, in his 'suave' & 'nonchalantly' way,  "Ma esok ada jamuan kat fakulti.. can make brownies ah for potluck?"

Haisshh, these kids always cakap last minute n expect mama to make things happen.  lucky thing so far  they've escaped major disappointment and in this case, lucky thing also there's spare stuff stocked up in the larder & fridge.

So this morning, instead of running i ended up making cheesecake brownies!!

And bcos of the time constraint (and bcos i'm not a purist) i took the easy way out by taking a major shortcut hehehe. i used betty crocker's ready mix.. just add water, oil & eggs and the brownie part is done ;p

That left me with just the topping. but thats not a problem bcos my mixer would be doing all the hard work lol

Once the topping is ready & spread evenly, all thats needed is a little swirling of the chopstick and thats the  marble effect  all done.

And with that, i left the baking to the man himself lol.... tak sempat nak buat and part of the price to pay for giving mama such short notice & making her miss her run ;p

AI - happy baking darling hehehe :D

Update: On a more sober note, i was told by the hubs that there'd been an unexpected death of a colleague's aunt and  he'd just come back from helping out with the necessary arrangements.  she was involved in a car accident but the postmortem results revealed that she'd had a stroke before crashing. she was 55.

Al-Fatihah to the deceased.. and condolences to the family & friends.  semoga rohnya ditempatkan bersama mereka yang solehah & beriman.


June Malik said...

i kan yang instant pun belum tentu jadi, baking simply not my thing hehe .. tabik lah u, sempat lagi tuu

Cheryl said...

my cake pulak always sinking. entah apa yang tak ngam. you are supermom lah.

Justiffa said...

Juney..we do what we hafta la hehehe, me pun bantai2 je ;p

Justiffa said...

Cheryl - i've had my fair share of sunken cakes, rock hard scones & soggy cookies hehehe. kita sama je la..just dun give up ;D