Monday, May 31, 2010

On the move

Used to be when i was much younger i'd be stiff & sore after a robust bout of exercise.. be it games, jogging, or goofing around at the pool or field.  funnily enough these days i find the tables being turned on me - i get even more aches & pains when i'm inactive.

- getting out of the bed can be torture.

- i creak when i stretch.

- if i stay too long in any given position, my bones start feeling like lead.

- if i forget to move, certain parts of my body just goes to sleep.

Gets to a point i cant even enjoy being a couch potato anymore lol.  stay still and pay the price!

I'm starting to think that maybe i've inherited my late grandma's arthritis.  i mean it is in the genetic pool.  but then theres also the other much simpler, less dramatic explanation. i've hit the perimenopausal stage and its largely due to my falling estrogen levels.

But apart from natural supplements, i have no plans of taking any form of hrt. at least not for now and not as long as life is still manageable within the constraints of growing older.


Since i end up feeling like a dead rat when i'm not pounding the pavement or jumping about like a crazy monkey, i guess it should be motivation enough for me to stay active.  oh and i'll not insult your intelligence by implying that its all easy peachy when i do bcos of course its tiring after workouts. but its a good kind of tired, the kind that leaves you feeling, oddly, on your toes.

And when 50 is just around the corner, being on your toes is a godsend ;D

Weekend workouts:
-6k treadmill
-60 mins aerobics
-8k tasik s/alam.


June Malik said...

way to go tiff .. and i know exactly what u mean, when i dont run tak sampai 3 hari all pains start to come everywhere :) and hey your wkend workout is more than mine !!! u shd be doing the full, not me hehehe

Justiffa said...

Juney, u guys are the ones with steely determination & concrete resolve. me? i'm just a wimp who loves running lol.. the thought of chaffing & blisters are enuff to scare the hell outta me hehehe.

Haza's lost her 'ultra' virginity, now it's ur turn. and i'm pretty sure u'll be losing it quite spectacularly ;p good luck gf!!