Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY weekend

It was another blitz of events during the long break. but before anything else, here's wishing all our chinese friends a fantastically prosperous & happy CNY, gong xi fatt chai!!!

Ok topmost on the list is of course the return of the golfman. he was whisked from airport to home to his bro's house before the poor guy could even blink properly hehehe. it was his nephew's wedding and his bros were all happy that he was back to complete the picture ;D

Majlis nikah @ masjid nurul ehsan, kg. medan

The rombongan makcik kiah set out from kelana jaya to kg medan before asar.. and the nikah was carried out without a hitch.  in fact, the hubs & i agreed it was probably the simplest, smoothest & most hiccup-free nikah we'd ever attended!! except for the small mishap when the hubs grazed his bro's car while parking (still blur from the long flight), alhamdulillah telah dipermudahkan semuanya :)

The next day saw more of the same... the wedding reception was a merry occasion and this time the bridegroom's group was much bigger (all the kiddoes were present). many thanks to the bride's family for making us all feel welcomed and at home.

To the young couple.. semoga bahagia & di rahmati dunia akhirat!!

 It was also a weekend of much fun & laughter.  there was a lot of eating going on of course.  there was dinner @ victoria station, taipan the nite of the 14th and lunch @ shogun, sunway after we were all dragged by the missy for a bout of... skating!!!! yes, skating as in slipping & sliding on the ice at sunway pyramid... and yes, me & golfman included -_-''

Actually it wasnt too bad... in fact it was a lot of fun (including the butt-numbing falls hehehe). the hubs & me were novices..even way back then in new england, we only tried skiing & tobogganing.  if it wasnt for the missy, i dont think either of us would even be thinking of getting onto the ice (ice = falling = injury) but braved the ice we did lol.  golfman took a few hesitant steps and decided he couldnt risk hurting himself (theres lots to be done on his short return) and went back to the bench while i... got all excited & kept wanting to fly instead of taking baby steps (and now have a sore butt as a result lol).

 The motley crew.. lets skate peeps :D
Gawd i love speed ;D and i understand the missy's growing addiction to the ice (okey la, me & abah will get u ur own skates k.. and nanti bole la ma pinjam hehehe).


June Malik said...

awesome, i am yet to try ... sure tergolek2 jatuh lol, am not good with balancing like this !! its one of my to do list, roller skate or ice skate .. guess gotta go and fall on my butt lah kan !

Justiffa said...

Tergolek2 is the name of the game babe ekekekeh.. sib baik mine byk cushion ;p

Btw, kalau nak pegi go in the mornings and better still, on weekdays.. otherwise there'll be a huge crowd & the ice will start melting i.e. basah.

Anonymous said...

i'm eager to try dis...
but nobody to company me!!!!! ;(
it must be awesome to be 'flying' on the ice huh??!!!


Justiffa said...

Memang best giler num.. you should try it sumtime but like i said, kena pegi pepagi masa org tak ramai, baru bole focus ;p ajak la lili n gang, mesti gempaq hehehe