Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

We usually wait till something drastic happens before considering change, any kind of change. most of us are just 'happy' the way we are (or just too full of excuses).

I've been going on and on and on about adopting a healthier lifestyle with the kiddoes but its been falling on to deaf ears. yeah i know... the arrogance of youth, the innocence of the young etc etc. but i wish they would get off their butts more instead of constantly flexing & building the muscles of their gaming fingers. these days you need to be fit & healthy to counter the side-effects of modern living. theres just too much food, too much stress, too much of everything. and somewhere in the depths of my heart i deeply regret my failure to provide them with a more active environment when they were much younger.. even though at that time, their respective medical conditions didnt allow it. i should have made the extra effort to somehow factor it in, so that when the worse was over and they proceeded with a normal life, being active came as naturally as breathing.

But the past is past and theres nothing like the present so i'm still hoping to get thru. and recently i noticed the awakening of a certain awareness. AH's been swimming (read: goofing at the pool but at least its something lol) every friday for quite a while now and on top of that, she also seem to have picked up skating!! hah at least that'll help to balance up her long hours in front of the laptop.

And the cikgu. well, cikgu has advanced in leaps & bounds and recently completed his maiden 22km cycling trail, caya laa!!! keep it up and insyallah, you'll be looking mighty fit & trim when the time comes for you to be popping the 'Q' ;D

So now we have AI, who amongst the 3, was the only one willing to be coerced into becoming my 'teman' back in those days when i was still jogging along the roads of my neighbourhood (before the scary monkey incident lol). but now, he is also the only one who is still resisting any form of working out (except for those tummy crunchers).

Nostalgia - Shah Alam 10k 2005 with the long suffering AI by my side heheh.

Jom la nak.. come be my running buddy la :D

AM - 3k maintenance/TSA
PM - 50 mins aerobics masalla/NRG


June Malik said...

Haha its the same .. my eldest daughter wants to lose weight but whenever she is back home for holidays, needs her sleep in the morning cos kat hostel tak cukup tidur .. petang ada hal .. so in the end nothing done hehe .. only my 2nd one shares my love for running but sejak habis SPM dok melepak .. my son, lets just say prefers to exercise fingers aje !

Justiffa said...

Tu la kan.. i worry about their health, but then again, i worry about almost everything lol ;)

i just hope they realise the importance of having a healthy mind & body in their pursuit of success & happiness.