Saturday, January 30, 2010

Braving the 'super' highways

I seldom venture out of my comfort zone. these days managing the household & my erratic moods is enough to leave me exhausted by day's end.

But goodwill needs to be fostered and bonds, strengthen so i made a pack with AH to brave the unknown (gombak je hehehe but i wasnt sure of the way) to attend the wedding reception of my SIL's younger bro. cikgu didnt come home for the weekend and topman had gone to lendu for an orientation session with the juniors so that just left the two of us females.

Wedding reception of Fandi & Diana - semoga bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat!

The Destination : somewhere in gombak.

The Problem: expected jam due to Taipusam.

The Solution: avoid the usual route & use DUKE instead.

Hahaha.. ayam kampung masuk bandar. i was so scared of mixing up & missing the exits that i was hyperventilating most of the way lol. but my bros had earlier assured me, they'd come get me if i got lost. so, it actually wasnt so bad la.. its just me being my usual 'gabra' self lol.

We made it there without a hitch and being with my other family turned out to be just what i needed.

The other half of my family.

Catching up with the latest.

My stepmom & her two sisters.

Me & my only sister :)

Priceless isnt she - my niece Fifie & future runner lol

After the wedding they dragged me back to S's house (the eldest bro with my other family) somewhere in bukit antarabangsa i think. i havent been visiting since he moved quite a while ago... instead, i've been bullying them to come see me!! evil elder sistah, arent i lol.

We cooked, ate, goofed around and ate summore. yup we had lots of fun :D

Weh bros... make the BBQ happen k & remember, lotsa lotsa lamb. we're all hantu kambing after all lol ;D

AM - 4k maintenance run/TSA


Oldstock said...

Alahai... BBQ kambing la pulok. Nak join boleh? Heheheh...

pakmat said...

..just how do you mean sil's younger brother..? you have a bigger family that pakmat thought..with stepmom etc..:)..anyway, didn't they say that families that attend weddings together stays together?? and its nice seeing you having fun..take care..easy on the mutton..

June Malik said...

weddings and family gatherings are awesome kan? glad u had a lovely time !

Justiffa said...

Oldstock - Yo, another hantu kambing in da house yall!! i'll tell the boys to throw in another chop..or three, no prob ;D

Justiffa said...

Yup pakmat it was loads of fun..n bila dh brkumpul ramai2 tu mcm2 jadinye heheh. I grew up an only child but when abah remarried, i then had 3 bros & a sis.. alhamdulillah we're pretty close even tho there's quite a substantial age gap :D

Justiffa said...

These days i find myself getting more sentimental than usual at wedings..maybe bcos i know that b4 long my own kids will also be flying the coop & starting their own lives. Haish cepat betoi depa ni besaq nor?!