Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I'm pregnant!"

Hah.. got you there didnt i? quite an attention grabbing title to appear on the blog of an almost 50 yr old makcik aight lol.

Nah, so far so good. golfman & me havent had any accidents lately and we sure hope God in all his mercy havent got anything of that nature lined up for us (gawd, imagine lugging baby bags & napkins at my age!). not unless its the 'cucu' kind of course lol.

Its just that here at the office, i'm completely surrounded by pregnant anak buahs. last year a whole bunch of them got themselves hitched and this year we're seeing the result of all their hardwork hehehe. bosses as well as colleagues are turning hormonal on the rest of us and we're not just talking about the 'newly-weds' either. some of the senior akak's got themselves all worked up & also decided to jump onto the bandwagon.

Could it be theres something in the air *sniffing about warily*

Hehehe.. but as they say the more the merrier ;D

Pictured here are 4 out of the 6 weddings of my officemates.

Most are now preggies ;D oh and lets not forget about the inspired akaks as well. in total there are now 7 expecting mummies here in BKUB Selangor.

Ooooh the stork is going to be busy busy busy this year thats for sure!!

Abe - bila la agaknye kita nak menimang cucu ni ek *wink wink*

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June Malik said...

its fun reading ur blog :) how old are ur kids? i have 3, turning 21, 18 and 15 this year, now when we go kenduri kawin, ppl always cakap tak lama lagi u lah pulak buat kenduri?? i guess 4 years down the road is not impossible!! so glad we are connected and thank you for ur encouragements .. u r doing well too :) kat mana boleh email u???

pakmat said...

..and nothing is more enchanting than a woman flush with her new pregnancy..there's twinkle in her eyes and a pealing of bells in her voice..pakmatloves them when they are these days, age is never a factor..cheers

Justiffa said...

Hey there june, welcome! i'm glad u dont find my monotonous ramblings too boring..some of my
visitors have been known to suddently keel over in fitfull slumber heheh ;p my kiddoes will be 25, 22 & 18 this year n best part is - no more school yay!! See mama diorang yg trlebih xcited lol ;D u can email me using

Justiffa said...

Salam pakmat..i love pregnant women too, so long as i'm not included hehehe. Bukan apa pakmat, walaupun u might say 'age is never a factor' but to a certain extent perimenopausal women are not prime candidates for pregnancy - their hormones are erratic & unstable even w/out the presence of a baby and the foetus deserves a more welcoming & fertile surroundings. Saya tunggu cucu je la pakmat hehehe ;D jdbb k