Monday, January 25, 2010

Older, yes but wiser?

Whenever i have the misfortune of bumping into a mature, suave, smooth-talking con-man i'm always left with this distasteful feeling in my mouth and all i want to do is spit it out, ptui ptuii ptuiii!!!

It really disturbs me that at that age, when he should know better and already heading for the path of attonement & redemption, he's still at it without a care in the world. has he really lost all respect of himself & others?

We were at the putra station sunday nite sending off the cikgu. he'd taken to coming home by express bus instead of driving his car. i really dont mind bcos he gets to rest & there's less for me to worry about.

Our goodbyes said, the three of us made our way back to our parked car. and just as we were about to leave, this well-dressed man (probably in his late 40's) suddenly appeared from nowhere and knocked on my window. if i didnt have my other son with me i wouldnt have given him the time of day but he did have this embarrassed, segan, i-shouldnt-be-doing-this look on his face. so i allowed a small gap to open up for us to hear whatever it is he desperately wanted to say to us.

The moment he opened his mouth we were about 97% certain he was out to con us. he went on & on & on about being robbed by hooligans at the surau & that he had to make it to some place or other bcos he's sedara was already at his deathbed & that he had to, just had to be there before it was all too late, and if not bangsa kita tak tolong siapa lagi nak tolong.. and all that he needed was RM18 for the bus ticket.

I glanced at my children and saw the same look of distaste & disbelief reflected in their eyes and i knew then that our collective guards were up. the very fact that he kept repeating himself over & over again eroded the credibility of his story.

But then theres still that 3% possibility that however incredulous & stupid it might all sound, it may also be true. and if it was me in his position, i'd be eternally grateful for a little help from others.

And with that in mind, i shoved RM15 over to him. why 15 & not the full 18? now that i think about it, i'm not so sure.. maybe it was in porportion with the trust factor. maybe i wanted him to know that i didnt really believe him but i'm still doing my part in helping him out anyway.. the rest is between him & God.

Upon getting the money he just up & left us in a hurry.

By then we were all freaking out and i drove off as fast as i could.

I didnt sleep too well that nite.. my head was too full of bad guys out to get me lol. one tends to be a little bit more vulnerable than usual when they dont have their husband around to rely on.

Moving on.. today i feel so much better after huffing & puffing it all out in the AM & PM ;D

Abe - see, the things i get myself into when you're not around!! i need you home la mitter ;p

Workout Log
AM - 3k/25mins/TSA
PM - 4.5k/40mins/Gym


Oldstock said...

Salam Justiffa,

Don't get overly distraught, my friend. The world is full of devils as many there are angels. The older they are, the slicker they become.

I've had many similar experiences before and wrote about one. Check my Nov 2008 archives if you have the time. Otherwise try clicking this link -> Can't fool me twice

pakmat said...

..second that, oldstock..and the next time just start the car and go..

Justiffa said...

Oldstock..thanks so much for the link. now at least i know the many faces of the 'devil'.

Justiffa said...

Pakmat.. yup, i'm thinking i really should do that regardless to whether i'm alone or with company.

Susah nak jadi baik skrg ni ya pakmat.. we'll be tested all the way.