Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The demons

What do you do when you need to chase away those demons off your back?

You run!!! not run as in running away with your tail between your legs.. but RUN!!

Yup, pound the pavement or treadmill and with each stride you make, feel the burden getting lighter and each lungful of air, feel it cleanse your body & soul.

Then let the zikir engulf and calm you.

I'll survive this insyallah :D


Ordinary Superhero said...

Yes, that's the spirit!

pakmat said...

..pile on some kilos in Instanbul, huh??:)

Justiffa said...

OS - sadly the 'spirit' keeps fluctuating but i'm hanging in there ;D

Justiffa said...

Salam pakmat :)

no, istanbul's not the culprit, the food there is much too bland (me, i'm a chili api person lol).. its this 'degil' 3kg i've been carrying around since eid. but its not just about weight ;D

Anonymous said...


i've started running from the demons too...



Justiffa said...

DS - welcome to the club -_-'