Monday, January 18, 2010

Picking up the pace

I think i'm suffering from post-audit trauma (sirim this time - the 'mother lode' of all audits) bcos everything seem to be passing me by in slow mo!!!!

Heheheh... anything for an excuse eh ;p

Theres just too much uncertainty for me to come up with even a ghost of a plan for 2010, so much so that my brain's gone to sleep on me i think lol

We knew from as early as last year that AH would be going for plkn bcos wonder of wonders, her name had popped up on the dreaded list (i have 2 boys but they want my only bongsu girl? how unfair is that?). but unfortunately to this very date, we're still in the dark as to where & when she's supposed to be going. yes, she wasnt called up when the 1st group started their session that much is certain but until today plkn has not released the list for group 2 & 3. which could mean that she'd have to go either in april or july, which could also mean an overlapping of activities bcos thats the time when the spm results will be released and the mad scury for college will begin.

(plkn pics googled randomly)

Aargh.. which has flushed most of my earlier plans down the drain (including those of joining the golfman) and is leaving me with a truckload of 'what ifs' & 'maybes'.

But i guess its just another one of 'em glitches in the life of JT so i shouldnt be complaining. after all, kita hanya merancang ;D

Gawd i still wish AH didnt have anything to do with this plkn sh*t. i'd be missing the spunky miss a whole bunch for sure.. AND worrying my head off :(

Workout Log
PM - 4.2km/40mins/about 400cals
Would you believe, AH huffed & puffed along with me at the gym tonite!! so with cikgu cycling up & down the hilly trails of lipis, that leaves just the topman... so, what say u Mr. AI? ;p


pakmat said...

..beg to differ, lady..the plkn stint will do her good..being always under you arm-pits as it were..she'll come back changed mentally..perhaps even let her go..about time you get used to letting go..:) cheers..

Justiffa said...

Maybe so pakmat.. and letting go of another shouldnt be all that hard after so much practice right?

And what can i say except, dogs will bark, cats will meow and moms will forever worry ;p