Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catty kitty

Gawd... just look at that face rotfl!!!!!

Soooo cute and yet sooooooooo e-vil hehehehehe!!!!

Abe - looks like its gonna be another one of those seemingly endless countdowns... 48 hrs & counting!!!!!!

AM - 3k maintenance run/TSA
PM - 50 mins aerobics-salsa/NRG


June Malik said...

salsa kat mana??? i havent ran since PNM, tomorrow kot heheeh - have a good holiday!

Ordinary Superhero said...

Ha ha..cheeky evil cat....

Justiffa said...

June - its an itsy bitsy ladies only gym in sek 7, and altho it gets a little cramp sumtimes when the turn-out is good, its an outlet for my excess energy lol. sumtimes salsa, other times masala (hindi), occasionally middle eastern but usually just the standard non-stop aerobic music. i kinda wish they'd also do hip-hop..i like the moves ;D

And you have a good long weekend too.. especially since its gonna be ur BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! hey hey.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY june bond, may ur wishes come true mwaahh3 :D

Justiffa said...

OS - ha ah, cheeky lil devil kan kan.. akak tak tahan betul tenguk the face ekekekeh!!!