Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gym tryout

I was actually surfing the net for dance classes in shah alam, belly dancing to be specific lol.  and you know how it is when you surf.. you can end up just about anywhere, sometimes even forgetting what it was that you started with ekekeke.

Anyway, one thing let to another and by lunchbreak, i found myself at the stadium, checking out xclusive fitnesz, a new gym here on my side of the world.

It used to be the venue of mal gym (under malik nor), a place i used to frequent some time back (we're talking about a couple of years here hehehe) and there's been quite a few changes to the old place, though subtle but its there.

Apart from the standard gym hardware and the aerobic/dance sessions (without which i wouldnt even be there lol), i like the new ideas that the owner M has brought in... boot camp sounds interesting, as well as the running programme (still hafta check that one out tho). plus the fact that the people running the place seem really nice.. nice enough to let me try out a session before making up my mind.

And gawd, their little mascot is heart wrenchingly CUTE!  its a hyper little ball of fur that goes by the name of NINJA.  he's also another reason why i'll be dropping by again hehehe ;p

 (NINJA's pic ciloked from here)

Update after my tryout peeps ;D

Latest - yup its done, i'm in lol


Anonymous said...

salam auntie..glad to hear from you in the blogosphere..

belly dancing, auntie? sounds fun! i'm looking forward for gym classes too, as i'll be moving to kota damansara in mid december. hope i can find better place to exercise there. i joined a gym for a month in terengganu but stopped halfway cuz i lost interest with the trainer who was always absent.

keep writing auntie...this young, inactive overweight girl needs to hear from tough lady like you to be inspired...hehehehe

Justiffa said...

MissiEz - kota damansara? hey dh dekat tu bole nyinggah pekena teh tarik. oops make it fruit juice sihat skit hehehe ;p

Tough might be a misnomer la, aunty pun struggling gak ni lol. lets all strive to be the best that we can be togeder-geder k.

Gd luck with the move :D

June Malik said...

gf - bestnya, if i tak go u know where, i pun nakjoin hehe

Justiffa said...

Can sneak you in sometimes la ekekeke.. impossible is nothing aight ;p

Anonymous said...

thanks's really hard isn't it? i'd go for a week without stopping, and then fall back to the two-weeks-idle. then i'd go for two weeks to lose the weight i gained, and then relapse. just trying to make it a regular, daily activity is such a hard thing. but i'll keep trying.been having my eyes on stuffs at miss selfridge for some time now..hehe

to tell you the truth, my only enemy at home is rice, and my mom's cooking.she's a cook, used to be a caterer,so you can imagine the lure to eat!!i remember when i was at UPSI, i used to miss my mom's cooking so much so that in these two years after returning from tanjung malim, i eat anything and everything she cooked for me.

and for sure i'll miss it again during my two years' away from home, when i move to kota damansara..

Anonymous said...

heyy you were looking for a belly dance class right?have u found it?act im looking for it too but i could'nt found any at shah alam...can u help me?please :)

Justiffa said...

Hi Anon.. sadly i havent been successful in locating any belly dancing class here. friends have been telling me theres plenty in pj & subang, but the logistics just frazzles me.

I'm pretty sure there're private classes going on but just dunno where. if u hear of anything pls drop me a line k, thx :D