Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aerobic marathon

I have more repressed energy than i can deal with these days and thats why the idea of a marathon aerobic competition sounded so appealing (marathon running pun nak gak lol but right now, its just beyond me).

I was pretty excited when Jules from my aerobic class came up with the invitation to join her group (dah rasa nak terkinja2 dah nie hehehe) and my 'i'll call you to confirm k" was, to me just an act of stalling the inevitable.  but when i got back home, it hit me. hey, it was the weekend of my favourite niece's wedding!!!!!!


No contest, my niece comes first, of course.

But it really would've been so much fun jumping about like a monkey, and with the possibility of winning RM3,000.00  ;D


June Malik said...

aisay, if not boleh suruh belanja makan besar :) orang luar boleh join ke? heheheh

Justiffa said...

Juney its open to all but unfortunately i'm not sure of the details..google pun x dpt pape. wht i do know is its on the 4th Dec @ the international youth centre cheras :)

June Malik said...

heheh well date is out , got sg marathon lol

Justiffa said...

Hey you finally running gf?