Friday, November 19, 2010

The Traveller II

You fly high a journey never ending,
Moving forth destination to destination.
Every quest equally demanding,
A shadowy traveller of your own creation.

Seasons change you're still on your own,
Dreams to realise, targets to meet.
But life is not to be lived alone,
The emptiness reign, the silence deep.

Wicked the heart that is barren & lonely
Crumbling walls, unlocking doors
Secret daliances excitingly risky
Numbing the soul in its quest for more.

The years pass by heedlessly uncaring
Wrecking bonds, weakening ties.
When realisation dawn clear & painstaking,
Life has flown on the wings of a sigh.

Patient are the ones that love you,
Those that hold you close to their heart.
But allow not time to forever seduce you,
You might end up alone in the dark.



June Malik said...

*i feel you sis*

Justiffa said...

life is a never ending challenge isnt it but i guess its what makes us stronger, eventually ;p

U wanna hug me b4 u leave for penang? hehehe have fun k :D