Thursday, August 27, 2009

Assessments & quit rents

.. are part & parcel of having landed property. and it can sometimes leave quite a hole in your pocket.

The hubs & me, we're big on sharing (viruses included lol) and that also means pooling our incomes together. when the kids were growing up things always got pretty tight so every little bit counted. and as we got ahead in life, managing from one source made everything so much easier and particularly now that i've been appointed 'caretaker'.

The downside? neither of us have a secret stash to gloat or go nuts over. whatever savings we have are savings we painstakingly put aside together.. yup, to-ge-ther. although its under our individual names, its still family money. and to this day my mom thinks i'm a dumb fool for not hoarding a top secret standby fund, something that according to her, all women should have in case her man leaves her high & dry.

I dunno.. she may have a point there but i just havent gotten down to it (and suspect i never will lol). i guess i'm stooopid that way.

Ok, i digress.

Back to assessments & quit rents. bcos it can be quite a substantial amount, the city/town council and state govt usually break it up into 2 parts, payable half yearly, with bills sent out way in advance. so you'd think that after years of paying up we'd learn not to do it at the very last minute right? that we'd swear off the stress, the anxiety, the long queues, the overall inconvenience and plan our time better? that we'd still vividly recall the horrors of the IRS payment dateline?

Weeell.. the congestion at the drive thru counter says otherwise lol.

[maybe we're all masochists at some level or other ekekekeh]

The deadline for the 2nd half of the assessment fee or cukai pintu is 31st August, which happens to be a public holiday. so in case you're both a procrastinator & a scatterbrain like me, theres still time (though not much) to get it settled. these days you can even do it online.

I just hate it when i have to pay the fines. and i'm guessing you do too ;)