Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Food, food & more

.. foooooooooooooooooooood!!

Alhamdulillah rezeki Allah melimpah ruah.. namun kecenderungan kearah pembaziran amat lah besar.

Ramadhan is coming, ramadhan is coming.. thats probably the thought running thru everyone's mind right now. some await in anticipation, some in trepidation.. some couldnt really be bothered. and not unlike the hibernating bear getting ready for the cold winter months, some are 'stocking up' or to be more specific, stuffing ourselves silly.

Remember the ' majlis-es' i had mentioned earlier? if thats not enough, there are also the 'makan2' sponsored by the recipients of the recently conducted Penganugerahan Khidmat Cemerlang as well as the generous souls who find it necessary to feed people just before ramadhan.

[Isnt it more baraqah to feed people during ramadhan?!!]

We've been reminded not to get any breakfast bcos brunch will be provided for the staff today & friday.

Ooh and what a brunch!!

Today the 'offering' include 2 types of ikan bakar (kembong & jaket keluli aka cencaru), ayam goreng (in abundance), gulai lemak ikan masin & nenas, sambal belacan & ulam, kangkung belacan and a wide selection of desert - papaya, honeydew, tapai pulut, kueh kosui, bingka keladi.

I'm stuffed as i write this.. totally & irrevocably stuffed!!

[Orang pi bendang pun tak makan lagu nie aih.. sah la jadi ulaq sawa ekekeh]

And theres still friday..

[Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!! ]

AH and i had quite a scare last nite when we heard that the people in power might be extending the PLKN for another 2 months making it a total of 5. heh, what are these people thinking? 5 months is almost half a year and that certainly is a huge chunk off a person's life!

5 months? a lot can be done in that period of time. while i do agree that the PLKN has its own merits, there are other things that parents might want to expose their children to. for example, slotting in time for the procurement of their driving license, sending them off to short courses in public speaking or IT or just brushing up on their english as preparation for college. maybe even sewing or cooking classes for both the boys & the girls!!

Some students look forward to that break so that they can experience 'working life' and the joy of earning their own money. there are many ways one can learn about independence & responsibility and PLKN certainly do not hold the monopoly to it. i can vouch from watching my son's short working stints as a temp at secret recipe & long john silver.. catering to the customer's whims, managing co-workers & bosses has thought him skills way beyond what the classroom can offer.

PLKN is not a quick fix. some parents must realise they do not discharge their responsibilities simply by handing over their children to another party. if we cant handle our children, chances are, other people wont be able to either.

[Cukup la 3 bulan tu]

Hope this will be another plan scraped.

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