Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend activities

..include glamourizing poor ole nico hehehe.

His absolute greyness has always screamed for colour, so again i complied... it was henna time again :)

Fur coloured, washed, trimmed and blow dried he was ready to hit the streets & wow the ladies lol

I'm sure he didnt enjoy any of the fuss but as usual he just couldnt be bothered to put up a fight.. he's always been a good kitty kat :D

Did some running on saturday but was disappointed to find almost half of the track at the klcc park under reconstruction. was really looking forward to the springy feel of the rubberised track especially since i wasnt too sure if i'd still be able to run there next week.. AH's final session will include parents as well.

Without the excuse of her seminar i doubt i'd be running at klcc again, its just too much effort.

Workout Log
Sat - 6.5k/klcc/50mins
Sun - poco2 session/45mins/slow

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