Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tempers & Temperaments

I sometimes wonder where the people with even temperaments disappear to during ramadhan.

Do they have a secret hiding place or something?

Because if they do, could someone please send word that they're needed back ASAP!!

There always seem to be a marked increase in the level of impatience this time of the year. at the supermart.. is the crowd less friendly, the salesgirl less helpful, the cashier less obliging? on the roads.. are the drivers more kiasu than usual, more bent on destruction?

And strangely enough the level keeps increasing as the day progress, the climax being the last few hours to iftah. this is the time when everyone starts rushing about in a mad dash, with little or no regard to manner or safety. zombies, to a certain extent, oblivious to their surroundings, intent only on getting what they desire.

Along with the honking.. "i gotta get home on time so get outta my way!!" honk honk!!

Behind that smileless face.. "sheesh hurry up and make your choice lady. i know what i want so let me have that senduk already!!"

Sometimes theres shoving, sometimes theres shouting, and if looks could kill there'd be many a dead body littering the streets.

If we were to embrace the real spirit of ramadhan and share in the compassion, surely the ugliness would be firmly kept at bay.

Ramadhan.. oh ramadhan.

AH is fully utilising her school hols. shes not only revising her schoolwork but taking time to sharpen her... culinary skills. yup, masuk dapur.. hehehe anak dara la katakan. actually she & her bros are no stranger to the kitchen. although they each have their own area of interest (AF specialises in improvisation, AI has a thing for authentic cuisine, AH experiments with baking & chilli api dishes), the AA family shares one common thing - we all love to eat lol.

Today its bread pudding, and considering its an untried recipe she googled from the net, it turned out quiet well. although a bit different from the family recipe where the texture of the pudding is similar throughout, the soft eggy bottom and textured bread top is a welcomed change. originally intended for her bf, AH baked extra for AF.. he'd been invited to iftar at EV's house and the bread pudding by his little sis would be a nice touch. i was at work and unable to contribute anything.

Hope all's well at EV's tonite ;)


Kak Teh said...

justiffa, my son came back with this scary story. a guy at the mosque turned aggressive - pushing people aside as he walked to the front to pray. i wonder whether hunger did that to him. it just defeats the purpose.

Anonymous said...

Strangely, I feel more at peace with my surrounding when my tummy's empty. Hope this doesn't come out as masuk bakul, hehe. And thanks for all the insights and peringatan here.

Justiffa said...

KT - its scary to think just how much our stomachs might be controlling our behaviour ya?

Justiffa said...

Haza - no its not masuk bakul la ur just telling it as it is :) n we probably should be sharing more often me thinks :D

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