Friday, August 7, 2009


Left golfman still rolling about in bed this morning and i cant help but feel a little guilty for doing so. even cruel.

Doesnt matter if his clothes are already pressed and laid out by the bed.
Doesnt matter if a hot breakfast awaits him downstairs.
Doesnt even matter that he had groggily given me permission to go ahead & leave.

My default - feel guilty first, reason it out later.

Haish.. dah nak separuh abad and my childhood conditioning still manage to colour my life. my own personal reminder on just how vulnerable children can really be.

But i still had me a good run, guilt or no guilt :)

And since golfman's hitting the green with his buddies tomorrow, i'll be free to 'roam' the klcc garden again with my partner in 'grime' hehehe. i really like the track there bcos its extremely kind to my creaky joints but apart from the park & kuni, suria has become a rather monotonous place (mana taknye this will be the 5th week of aimless lepak-ing lol).

AF came back from his kart racing session all fired up and thinks that i should give it a try. he wants to see his speed crazy momma in action he says hehehe. ntah la.. kot jadi bahan je ngan bebudak ni nanti ;)

Workout Log
AM - 4k/30mins/TSA

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