Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fast food frenzy

I wasnt really paying attention to yesterday's announcement over the public address system. i was deeply immersed in a claim, trying my level best to figure out just WTH was the contractor basing his claims on?

So i wasnt aware that they were having the monthly general assembly today. its usually held on a monday being the start of the week and all.. but tuesdays, wednesdays doesnt really make that much of a difference aight, after all anything is possible here in selangor.

It was a great relief to the 'warga suk' when they decided to move the venue for the assembly from the open car park to the dewan jubilee earlier this year. having to listen to people droning on & on & on about 'lapuk' plans & aspirations isnt that bad when you dont have to stay on ur feet in the hot sun (vitamin D or otherwise), trying your best to look alert & interested (there has been many a case of people just conking off in a stupor lol).

On a rotational basis, each agency/jabatan/ PBT in selangor is given the chance to host the monthly assembly and in an effort to show their 'gratitude' at being given the 'honour', we always walk away from such assemblies with a gift/token or ole-ole/buah tangan. usually its a little notebook or pen (or both) or a mug. but lately i'm seeing the onset of a pretty disturbing phenomenon.

Lately, the 'ole-ole' has been oddly enough, fast food!!

It started with Burger King.

Then they gave away McD.

Today its KFC.

Somehow you get the impression that they're vying for the 'most popular jabatan' title, like its a popularity contest or something knowing full well that people would come out in droves at the mention of a free meal, especially when it comes in the form of fast food (the power of branding perhaps?).

Anyway, i still think its disturbingly inappropriate. and fast food isnt that good for health now is it?


Whatever will they think of next?

Abe - wish i could try your beef rendang la yang.. you're fast becoming quite a cook now arent you ;)
AF - i cant tell you how much i truly appreciate your 'reporting in' everynite.. lena skit tido mama :D with you and abah both living alone and so far from home i cant help but worry.
AI - pls do monitor your attendance k darling ;)
AH - whatever you need i will try my best to provide tp its really all up to you sweetie.

Workout Log
AM - 4k/30mins/TSA
PM - 3k/30mins/Treadmill (alternating between speedwalking & jogging)

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