Saturday, August 22, 2009

Running in Ramadhan

I like running. i dont just do it for fitness & health, i do it because it calms me. the stress, the serabut-ness, the restlessness gets washed away with the sweat and in its place is peace (although temporary) and renewed faith in myself.

So i'm hoping to be good for another couple of years.. at least until my creaky joints give up on me lol.

And because fatigue seems to set in pretty quickly for me these days, there are a couple of things i must consider if i dont want the running to jeopardise my ramadhan. 1. run only in the mornings 2. take it slow & easy 3. liquids over food to stay hydrated 4. make room for siestas to stay energized & to make up for the late nites.

Also to keep it realistic at about 3 runs a week. if i can manage more than i'll consider it a bonus :)

First day into fasting and already my patience was sorely tested. plans for a quick tasik get-away was thwarted this morning by AI's flat tyre. with his car blocking the driveway, no one could leave unless we moved it, so, like it or not i had to settle the matter. we later found a big nail and cracks on the surface of the rubber.

I hadnt realised that changing tyres could be fun. we had a flat but we were laughing our heads off!! the most hilarious being the time when we tried to unscrew the nuts. there were 2 stubborn nuts that just wouldnt budge and at one point i was bouncing on the wheel brace like a crazy idiot without any results!! it took a sledge hammer (you wouldnt want to know how i happen to have one lol) to do that ;)

Lucky thing it was a cool & breezy morning bcos it still felt good even though it was already close to 9 when i started.

Cikgu arrived around 3pm, a little hyper as a result of living alone with only himself as company lol. and iftar was a merry affair with everyone at the table except golfman.

You are so missed my darling!! oh but AF did a prettty good job as the imam tonite.. you would've been proud (even with all the goofing that usually happens when the kiddoes get together lol).

Workout Log
AM - 4k/35 mins/TSA


haza said...

yesterday morning was perfect weather for running, esp when fasting. Hey, I wanna learn how to change tyres too.

Justiffa said...

Haza - haah kan... and so was sunday morning :)

And mind you, changing tyres is only fun when its done at home, under controlled conditions hehehe otherwise stress giler! but you hafta try it at least once la haza.. kalau emergency ada jugak la pengalaman.