Saturday, August 29, 2009

The show of mercy

..for blundering idiots like me makes me feel blessed.

These days i always seem to find myself in hot soup bcos i keep forgetting stuff. its worse when it has to do with time. i'll be mixing up the dates & times for meetings, appointments, kid's tuitions etc. and i guess my fast deteriorating 'CPU' is the culprit.

This morning i screwed up the timing between my run and AH's tuition. picture me humming a song or two, happy to be having the whole morning to myself, taking my own sweet time getting ready, and just as i was about to leave my room, i heard a sleepy voice say something which sounded like "jangan lupa tusyen esah".. and that semi coherent sentence stopped me dead in my tracks (AH usually bunks down in my room after sahur).

Alamak.. memang lupa pun!!

"Eh tak lah.. ma saje je nak lari dulu nanti ma balik.. esah siap je ler."

The denial spewed spontaneously out of my mouth, quick as a bullet. as usual, answer first think later.

But going ahead with my plan meant either cutting my run short or hitting the track like a mad hound (which certainly wasnt a viable option considering that my old ticker could up & die on me anytime it wanted to lol).

Haaish, and i was sooo looking forward to a good long run (dont be fooled, for me 4-5km is already considered a long run hehehe).

And as predicted i only had time to squeeze in 3 small loops which amounts to a measly 3k. i consoled myself with the thought that anything, be it sekangkang kera or selangkah gajah, was better than nothing so i made my way back, picked up my daughter and dutifully deposited her at her tuition's.

Of course by this time the sun was already up & shining brightly. the sun spells a quick death to my energy bcos heat has always been my greatest enemy. it can deplete my storage in a second and sent me tripping all over the place. when i'm tired i start dragging my feet and by dragging my feet i tend to trip, which isnt a good thing bcos i might fall flat on my face, but i havent done so just yet (but who's to say that i wont?).

As the voices in my head slowly quietened down, and taking the 2nd roundabout bound for home (shah alam has plenty of roundabouts), the Lord in all His mercy took pity on me and sent me..... clouds!! heheheh, yes, the weather changed right in front of my eyes and before i knew it He'd given me back '8 am' !!

It was suddenly cool & breezy once more and not one to question my good fortune, i immediately changed directions and headed straight for the lake once again. rezeki jangan sekali-kali ditolak and parking at the exact same spot i did earlier (which gave me a feeling of dejavu), i continued where i left off as if nothing had happened!!

Woot woot :D

And to my delight i ended up doing a total of 7km and feeling energised all the way!!

It was indeed an unexpected gift, THANK YOU :D

Abe - 2 weeks is going to feel like a lifetime when you wait it out second by second.. and that my darling is what i'll be doing!! just get ur business done as quickly & as efficiently as you can and get ur ass back home pronto ok ;)
AF - it must be 'fun' trying to keep the right balance between ur mates & ur gf hehehe.
AI - its just the 3 of us tonite so u get more of the rendang but u also get to become the imam muahahaha.
AH - 3 tuitions in a day deserves whatever you want for dessert ;)

Workout Log
AM - 3k/25mins/4k/30mins - TSA


Kak Teh said...

....and that is why I need a Blackberry! I remind myself not to forget to check the blackberry.

aaah, i know so well the forgetfulness. I'd go to the kitchen to do something and then....what was it that i was going to say ?

Justiffa said...

KT - used to be if i forgot something all i had to do was to retrack and it would come flashing back in an instant. well, guess what? not anymore. these days i'd stand there blinking away hardly able to recall anything. teruk betul!!

You let me know if the blackberry really helps wont you ;)

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