Saturday, August 15, 2009

A relaxed run

..marked the end of my weekly 'lepak session' at suria.

It was the closing of AH's six-part spm seminar and this week's module included parents.. we were scheduled to join the children at 11am. i didnt quite relish the idea of turning up sweaty & smelly but the lure of a 'last' run round the peaceful klcc park was just too much for me.

Secure in the knowledge that i had brought with me, not only the stuff necessary to camouflage a body in dire need of a shower but also the strongest perfume i owned (mcm la banyak sangat pun hehehe), i hit the track.

Completing 6 laps was a breeze with AZ as company.. thx sweetie temankan aunty :D

My euphoria was actually what kept me going through the extremely 'outdated' talk that followed. i really expected something better, a more advanced & improved version of what AH's bros went through.

But since i strongly believe in the presence of good even in the most unlikely of places, i'm sure AH has been exposed to yet another angle & perspective in the neverending pursuit of excellence.

Workout Log
AM - 7.8km/50 mins/klcc

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