Sunday, August 2, 2009

KOTR 2009

.. and i made the 8k qualifying time woohoo ;)

A big deal for a slow poke like me hehehe. and to think i wouldnt have made it if i hadnt put in that mad dash towards the finish.

Bukan apa.. the moment i stepped into the stadium, tetiba bersemangat la plak and i lost the fatigue that was deadening my legs (cewah macam dah lari half mara lol.. but thats how 'dead' i was feeling la).

The scene within the stadium.. post KOTR.

Just as i crossed the line and picked up my medal & cert, there was a loud gunshot and i didnt realise until much later that it signified the end of the qualifying time. a friend i made along the way shared with me her regret for not giving it her all towards the end.. she just missed getting the medal.

Which again is a big deal for us makciks ;)

Running up & down hills are not normally in our itinerary lol... unless of course you're the running mom ;)

All in all, it was a good run and i did bump into a bunch of great people along the way. it also helped that my family was there for me.. flu ridden golfman even hauled his ass out of bed for me, so sweet hehehe. of course AI, AH and my running 'buddy' AZ made it all the merrier. and Cikgu, i know that you were still rooting for me even tho you were sleeping lol. you rock peeps :D

With AZ my partner in 'sweat & grime' lol and who also happens to be AH's bf ;)

To my counterpart in the male veteran catergory, mr. G117 - thank you for motivating me along, it was indeed a great honour to be sharing the same number as you :)

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Ordinary Superhero said...

Congrats....I had earlier wanted to register myself for the 11k event, but the 50mins time limit in the brochure scared me off. Congrats again.

Justiffa said...

Thx OS :) but you really should've just ignored the time limit laaa.. of course seronok kalau dapat, tapi kalau idak pun it would've been a great way to spend a sunday morning (later it rained but much much later).. for a while there shah alam was taken hostage by a strange 'orange army' hehehe ;)

Anonymous said...

Aik, how come you got the bigger vest? I don't dare wear mine in public, ketat gila! And it's M!

Neway, well done on the 8k. Cayalah!

Justiffa said...

Hazaaaa.. would've loved to have caught a glimpse of u at least :) vest beso tu? its men's 2XL.. akak pick up awal kot sbb bila akak tanya bole ke request any size, depa bagi je. i was lucky i guess.