Friday, July 31, 2009

Durian runtuh

.. can come in many forms.

Usually unexpected and usually cash, lotsa lotsa cash. but my durian runtuh is in the form of AF, AI, AH and also....... AA!!!

Would you believe, they'll ALL be home this weekend?!!

(still shaking head in absolute disbelief)

Not only the cikgu but yes, the golfman aka abe aka AA aka my beloved as well.

He's been called back for an unexpected, unscheduled meeting.. and to think he's been gone only a week!! isnt that a bonus or what lol.

But of course theres always the possibility of it being cancelled just as suddenly as its been called.. but thats ok, he's not due home anyway. if it happens it happens. either way i know HE knows best :)

Thank you Lord for these little surprises you keep throwing my way.. it sure is keeping me on my toes hehehe.

Apa nak masak nanti ek ;)

I'm actually pretty worried about nicolei. his eyes isnt getting any better. in fact its starting to look as if the old 'ulcer in the eye' problem is coming back. but i hope not because the last time involved surgery & rehab. i just dont have the energy to be holding his paw this time.

But if i hafta, i hafta.

Must go to the vet again soon.

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