Friday, July 24, 2009

Another one down

...and that makes a total of 4 uitm campus on 'hiatus'.

First it was melaka, then perak followed by trengganu.. and latest news from AI, uitm shah alam is also giving its students a week's break - until 2nd of august.

The official reason? just so all the campuses gets a synchronized break. unofficial reason? there're probably more students than they're willing to admit who are down with some flu or other. AI says half of his classmates are unwell.

It may not necessarily be the freaking swine thingy.. but it sure is getting out of hand, fast.

I think one of the main reason is the attitude of people in general. we're just too laid back about it. guess what happens to the students who are from the closed campuses? they go home, get bored outta their skull and start visiting & lepaking with their friends at the other campuses. forget about being on house arrest ..they dont really feel all that sick so why should they stay home?

Inadvertently, more people are exposed to whatever it is thats been going round.

So please, if you're from or have been to these 'red light' districts (ones that are connected to the h1n1 of course lol) and you're starting to feel the onset of a cold or flu, go see the doc and stay HOME please!!!

We really dont want this to turn into an epidemic.

*Correction: ALL uitm campuses are now on a break.

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