Wednesday, July 15, 2009


.. and the cough's not helping one bit.

In fact i'm beyond serabut.

So in a bid to lessen some of the serabut-ness, yesterday, after dropping AH off for tuition, i went to check out the poco2/taichi session that was supposed to be held every tuesday, 9pm at dewan angsana seksyen 8 (info courtesy of the mbsa bill-board). the mini dewan was dark when i arrived at about 845pm but luckily there was a guard on duty who confirmed the existence of such activities.

Unfortunately, my delight was shortlived. dunno what happened but the place remained deserted right up til 9.30pm when i then decided enough was enough and left.. i just wasnt in the mood to hang about the place a minute longer.

Bertambah la serabut.

So tonite, after again dropping AH off at yet another one of her tuition classes, i made a beeline for the KSAS gym. it might not have state of the art equipment but the treadmills and cyclers are pretty dependable. and cough or no cough, i was determined to work out some sweat, yeah!!

Workout Log
PM - Treadmill/40mins/4.6km/380 cals

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