Monday, July 6, 2009


... into evil or good?

Its a choice. and even if you were born into evil, choosing to be good is still an option open to you.

That was the message i got outta the latest transformer movie.

Gawd i love the special effects and sitting in the absolute front row (we were lucky to even be there, it was the weekend and the theatre was close to overflowing) made me feel as if i was actually part of all that kick-ass action (sib baik tak pening ekekeh)!!

But what stayed with me was the memory of the little spy robot from the decepticons (megan fox's pet) and his 'aha' moment.. the one where he suddenly realised that NOT being a decepticon was an option and he didnt have to be bad anymore. it was during the scene in which the derelict decepticon resurrected from the museum admitted he'd had enough of the in-fighting and was helping the primes out instead.

Age old enemies.. and yet in the end, he even sacrificed his 'life force' to optimus.


It doesnt hafta be so drastic la hehehe but why not let ourselves all transform for the better ;)

AA - miss u, miss u, miss u
AF - just another week and you'll be joining the nation's workforce. welcome to the jungle and do watch out for the monkeys in suits ;)
AI - so starts your first day at the main campus.. make the most of it k!
AH - this paintball thingy might be a little too rough for you la darling.. risau je mama sakit2 nih!!

Workout Log
AM - 3km/TSA (terlambat skit so i couldnt finish my normal rounds.. but its better than nothing aight?)

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