Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Visit

I wanted to run this morning but 2 things conspired against me:

i. It was drizzling.

ii. KSU was coming for a visit.

I dont fancy getting wet while i'm having this neverending flu and i certainly dont relish the thought of accidentally bumping into the KSU while i'm all stinky & sweaty. so like the demure & docile civil servant that i'm supposed to be, i've donned my baju kurung, put on my khol & lipstick (the only make-up i've ever considered using on a regular basis) and pasted a smile on my face that would put farrah fawcett to shame (ooops i'm showing my age... maybe i should've just said denise richards instead ekekekeh).

I'll be glued to my workstation today la-di-la ;)

AF - i cant seem to squeeze in a trip to UPSI this week darling, sorry but i'll try my very best next week k.
AI - lega mama you're going around with the renewed roadtax. the memory of abang cluelessly going round for months on end with his expired roadtax still traumatises me!!
AH - dont worry, i'll try to settle the saturday dilemma with abah as soon as possible.
AA - hard to fly when you're working with turkeys aight?! sabo je la abe ;)


Anonymous said...

You should have said MEGAN FOX la...she of the bouncing boobies.

Justiffa said...

Ekekeh ..bouncing boobies indeed ;)