Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Mention the word 'rats' and you'd probably think 'store', 'warehouse' or maybe even 'kitchen'... but would you believe 'office'?

Office? surely not my clean, pristine and recently renovated office? the one in which i have to go barefoot in because management thinks my shoes would sully the office environment and to hell with inconvenience? the exact same one that looks beautiful on the outside but whose kitchenette overflows every other day bcos the damn contractor wasnt careful enough with debris and probably dumped half of it through the kitchen sink?

Yup one and the same. and it is now infested by rats. i even found one lil baby rat crawling under my table (pretty disturbing i can tell you arrgghh) which we later found out came from a nest of other baby rats right beside the next cubicle (my friend had stacked a lot of old drawings right behind her cabinet and thats where mama rat had her litter).

Seems that to date we've found three different litters.


We're being colonised here... help!!!!

p.s. the rat busters are supposed to come today.

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