Wednesday, July 1, 2009


.. and i cant seem to shake this feeling of disbelief.

When i first heard about it last nite i was speechless. shocked even.. bcos i wasnt prepared.. bcos its only july and spm seems eons away. well, to me at least.

And PLKN was the last thing on my mind.

Of course i'd thought about the possibility, especially when i heard people saying that at least one member of the family would be called. i'd mulled over my options; if ever my little girl got herself selected what action could i possibly take?

Hah.. the irony of it all. my boys escaped the 'calling' both times but now my sweet echa has to go? if it was my choice i'd rather it was one of the boys. but to be totally honest, i'd rather not at all. i dont have that much confidence in the effectiveness of our national programmes because from past experience, they dont really have staying power. a couple of years down the line, sometimes just a matter of months, policies change and all that hulla baloo dont mean naught; all the pain and suffering of the initiating process flushed down the drain.

I dunno. i'm just your regular jane/minah and i sure as hell cant beat the system. all that i can do is hope that the people of power & influence know what they're doing and really, truly have our best interest at heart.

PLKN sesi 7/2010.

I'm just hoping that this piece of news wont be affecting AH too much and disrupt her focus on her spm.

AH with mr peachy

Dang.. and there goes all my plans as well.

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