Wednesday, July 29, 2009

H1N1 in Clifford

Yup AF confirms that the student who is in ICU has tested positive for the h1n1 virus.

Its now in Clifford, Kuala Lipis.

And this unfortunately, has dragged AF into the thick of things even though he's away from the city.

My prayers are with you and your students my darling.


I took my kotr pack during lunchbreak. driving down the slope towards the stadium, i am reminded of my fear of having to run uphill immediately upon starting the race. weh, can this ole legs carry me thru? belum apa2 lagi dah kena dig deep and conquer that hill (shudder) but then again, according to the main organizer, imposible is nothing aight?

I sure hope so.

The tees are bright orange this year (eh ada ke orange yg tak bright ek lol).. and it was hung in all the available sizes right at the front of the pick-up area. because it was sleeveless and because the possibility of me ever wearing it again is pretty slim, i chose the biggest size available - 2x XL!! why? so that i can pass it on to golfman.. he'd definitely put it to better use. but in the meantime, i'll be running in a.. sack? ekekeh ;)

And if you pass a huffing & puffing makcik with H 117 on her and waddling like a lame penguin, do wave wontcha :D

Workout Log
PM - treadmill/5km/40mins/460cal

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