Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Midweek Break

I was supposed to go to UPSI on a mercy mission - AF needed a confirmation letter that would enable him to collect his 1st pay and he needed it asap. rather than have him travel all the way from lipis i volunteered to pick it up.

I'd applied for leave and with or without the kiddoes (they're recovering from the flu), i was all set for the trip to TM. But luck would have it the letter i was after was delivered to my doorstep by the good ole postman (not so old la actually lol)!!

It came with the convocation invite just like the officers from Bhg Akedemik said it would. i did call upsi about it earlier but i wasnt expecting it to arrive till much much later. For sure i wasnt banking on the almost perfect timing!!

Once AF confirmed that the contents was acceptable, i was home free.. i didnt have to go after all.


But apparently 'mama home on leave' was something not to be wasted.. without missing a beat my mom had me going to the vets with our cats in tow (nico's having some kind of eye infection & adeq's having some pretty foul smelling ulcers in his mouth) and later the kiddoes had us stuffing our faces & straining our eyes in OU!!

Me & AH's bf didnt get to pick up our kotr packs as planned because we didnt get back till after 8.

An unexpected day.. but it didnt make AF's bit of news any less disturbing.

A student of clifford is in icu, and a whole classroom has been quarantined. over the weekend, a group of students had gone on a school trip to melaka. it has yet to be confirmed if its h1n1.


Also the trigger for the uitm fiasco. maybe it shouldnt be on anyone's visiting list.. for now.

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