Monday, July 20, 2009

The BZ weekend

SATURDAY was pretty hectic even for a chaotic household like mine :)

1. AH's second installment of her SPM seminar at KLCC.
- another early morning foray into the city with AH's bf faithfully in tow. and this time AI decided to grace us with his presence as well :) 7.30am and we were already at the suria carpark.. and being early i had my pick of the choiciest lot (nearest to the escalator of course). 2 saturdays down another 4 to go!!

2. My first run at KLCC park.
- after getting our butts sore from all that sitting, this week we had ourselves a plan - we were going to sweat it out!! after leaving AH at the counter of tower one, we headed for the park. it really feels like an oasis in the middle of a concrete desert, the trees and water a godsend!! although the markers were a little unclear but i gather one loop was about 1200m - 1300m and i did 5 loops while AZ did 6 1/2 (he turned back after the last round). it was fun and the rubbery track was extremely kind to my ole creakin' joints :D we're doing it again next week.. hopefully AI will be joining us instead of just lounging about the park bench counting leaves hehehe.

3. Golfman's unexpected return.
- yup a mega-bonus for yours truly. wasnt expecting him back for another month at least. ETA KLIA 12.30pm and since AH's seminar ended at 1.30pm, golfman had to take a cab. and bcos i wanted us to be home waiting for him when he arrived, i got me permission to 'extract' AH from her seminar earlier than usual. so rendezvous shah alam 1 pm :D

4. Trip down to Kuala Lipis.
- with his abah home, it was such a waste not to check on the cikgu so we left for lipis (golfman & me - the kids had prior engagements) around 6pm with a bootfull of stuff from tesco (the cikgu wanted a couple of things). gawd, was i glad to see him... rindu sangat!! we stayed overnite at his apartment, after making it a little more hospitable of course hehehe.

SUNDAY was just as packed.

1. More shopping.
- the mall in lipis isnt like the ones we're used to. centrepoint is half deserted especially on sunday but the alternative can be found in the form of a thriving hardware business - the hardware shops sell everything under the sun here in lipis!!! we even managed to get him a panasonic rice cooker :)

2. A trip down memory lane.
- we went to check out the railway station. golfman remembers fondly a time when he would impatiently anticipate stopping at the lipis station whenever he followed his mom to kl.. how he would jump off the train just to buy the cheap & delicious nasi ayam bungkus and jump right back on. alas, the shop isnt there anymore and golfman sadly admits that it probably wouldnt taste the same anyway.

3. Drive up to Gua Musang.
- hah what would you expect from a kelantanese? the call of the 'tanah tumpah darah ku' was too strong for him.. golfman just couldnt resist crossing the 100 odd kilometres into kelantan hehehe. on the pretext of 'jalan2 mencari durian' we left lipis after a late breakfast (the nasi kerabu just outside the railway station comes with great ayam/daging bakar) and found ourselves in gua musang by the next hour!! and once there, we sorta went crazy at the pasar (jeruk maman, lada solok hijau, akok, keropok, ikan masin and of course the BUDU).. before we knew it the boot was filled to the brim ;)

Thank god we made the trip. I really needed to be with my cikgu and to make sure that he was alright. regardless of size or age, he's still my baby and leaving him behind (a lone figure braving the cold winds - hehehe mama dia berdrama skit) was extremely hard.. i'm already planning another trip that-a-way ;)

Oh and btw if ever you're in lipis check out the pahang club.. they serve the most divine coconut shake!!

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