Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ahad yang meriah

.. dengan gurau dan tawa anak2 :)

Cikgu had invited his gf over for iftah and made 2 requests 1. to have spaghetti & meatballs on the menu 2. to have our solats at home with him as imam.

Both the requests were reasonable enough.. spaghetti i can handle but the imam part was totally on his shoulders ;)

Initially AH wasnt too happy with the arrangement (she's more of a 'nasi' person just like her abah.. anything else isnt really a meal in their book) but was reassured when i convinced her that rice would still be served. after all i was planning to grill a couple of lamb chops which could be eaten with both. as could the brocolli & cheese (with chilli api thrown in) and the mushroom soup.

And to seal the deal, her bf called to say he'd be able to make it after all because his earlier plans were cancelled. so she ended up a very happy little camper lol.

I didnt mind, the more the merrier :)

[wish you were here with me la abe, seronok tenguk gelagat anak2]

I had already cooked the spaghetti-o earlier but left the chops to the kids.. i wanted them to marinate it any way they please. there was teriyaki, worscestershire, tabasco, sourcream, plain yoghurt and herbs/spices to experiment with and experiment they did lol. AI was supposed to take over the brocolli since he'd been having a lot of practice cooking with his friends last year but he weaseled his way out of it.. letih katanye (tak habis2 nak bermanje ya lol). and cikgu.. hah cikgu abandoned the kitchen after only 10mins because the 'aromas' he said, was driving him crazy ekekeh. so in the end it was left to the 'ladies' to finish up (tapi tak la banyak mana pun).

It was your regular lazy, laid-back sunday afternoon and nobody wanted to go out looking for 'kueh' (plus the fact that the 'cold room' was just at the right temperature to hibernate lol). so it was a good thing that EV had brought along her mom's suji cake (she says its also known as the loooove cake) and AZ had earlier bought agar2 strawberry & murtabak. which took care of desert :)

With good company (plus lots of anime & AH's keyboard) the time just flew by.

Before we knew it, it was iftar.

Then the solat.

And suddenly it was already time for EV & AZ to leave.

So soon?!!

We'll just have to do this again kids :D

Workout Log
AM - 5k/40mins/TSA.. a cool breezy morning made for running!!


arin said...

selamat berpuasa auntie, faiz and everyone...

kat sini puasa from 340am till 8pm.....a bit long...

insyaallah, i'll be back for first raya in malaysia in 5 years..wohoooo

send my regards to faiz....n amir already kat msia ah aauntie...

Justiffa said...

Arin yg hensem ;) slamat berpose to u too!! looks like ur pose time lg panjang dari uncle kt ashgabat..his is from 4.30am to 8pm, smoga yall byk2 la bersabar ya.

Laaa amir dh abis and u dh 5 yrs tk raya kt sini? Xpe2 arin balik nanti bole raya sakan k ;D in the meantime take care!!

p.s. aie kirim salam balik :)

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