Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another 'merdeka'

... way across land and sea.

Independence Republic of Uzbekistan: 1st September 1991
Tashkent's 2200th anniversary as capital

Weell whaddaya know, today is uzbekistan's independence day. golfman is there right now on one of his trips, doing 'whatever-it-is-that-he-needs-to-do' and according to him, the parade in tashkent was held one day earlier i.e. yesterday.

But not all is well there it seems. insurgent attacks and shootouts have put certain restrains on the celebrations. hopefully, other than an inconvenience, it wont pose a threat to the people working there golfman included. there is quite a substantial number of malaysians there.

And if you happen to find yourself in that area (mana la tau kot2 ada pulak genie yang teranto kan... how i wish), it wont hurt to take note of this OSAC message.

Abe - hope you're having fun 'baked' in the heat of the 'semi desert' hehehe ;)
AF - waah.. going organic now eh? yaay kurus la anak mama :D
AI - baju purple, baju purple, baju purple.. pencarian diteruskan -_-'
AH - good luck with your spm trials sweetie. you can do it insyallah!!