Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to work

.. after a long break. as usual, there's a mountain of files waiting for me.

Attending a 2 day powerpoint refresher course last thursday & friday provided a welcomed break from my usual daily grind. no rates to check, clauses to decipher or claims to crack my head over. but as usual i have to accept the 'consequences' of my absence lol and it didnt help that monday was also a holiday.

[gawd where do i start?]

But even with my files staring accusingly at me, uppermost on my mind is still my beloved ;)

He's somewhere in uzbekistan on a day trip to Qarshi and i'm hoping that he's ok.

Gates to Qarshi

Qarshi Railway Station (golfman might also be travelling by rail).

I've gotten used to all these strange sounding places. having a husband who globe trots have certainly increased my geographical knowledge, among other things. cities and towns which i've otherwise never even heard of are suddenly brought into my 'radar' and once that happens, curiousity naturally takes over :)

Karshi or Qarshi is a city about 520km southwest of tashkent.

The city is important in natural gas production & gas conversion processes; the Shurtan gas field and a large processing facility are located northwest of the city. other industries include building materials, sewing and food.

Its also famous for its production of woven flat carpets. some even say its pileless carpets are the best in the republic.

But what intrigues me the most is its history. Karshi is at least 1000 years old and it sits along an ancient caravan route from Samarkand through Bukhara and into Afghanistan and India - part of the great silk road.

Somehow the silk road has always held a great fascination for me and i lament the fact that i cannot, as yet, fully exploit golfman's presence there. aah, to be able to retrace even part of the old caravan trail!! starting out mainly as a trade route, the silk road later evolved into so much more and have seen the likes of not only merchants but conquerors, thinkers & explorers as well.

People like alexander, marco polo, genghiz khan, tamerlane. not to mention all the nameless monks, missionaries and islamic scholars that must've also passed that way.

I find it all terribly fascinating.. imagine the human history it has borne witness to!!

[now back to my files *sigh*]

Abe - fasting while travelling would be quite a challenge.. but think of the 'ganjaran' darling ;)
AF - you sure its a good idea to make the trip back this week? raya break isnt all that far away.. ma takut anak mama serabut je nanti.
AI - after the 'scare' that we had the other night, i'm ever so thankful you agreed to be living at home.
AH - hah all you need is lotsa lotsa fluids.. its almost guaranteed to rid you of all that 'toxic waste' hehehe.

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