Friday, September 25, 2009

Taking a break

.. from eid 'duties' ;)

the 'shisha boss' in his fav kain batik ;D

Alhamdulillah eid's as merry as it's always been.. even for the lot of us who dont really have a kampung to go back to. the hubs and i have our moms here with us in shah alam (both our fathers have passed on) so there isnt a pressing need for either of us to 'balik kampung'. 'ruginya' some of you might say but then its been this way for years now and we're actually rather glad we dont need to travel during the festive season. thats a lot of hassle out of the way ;)

And after all home is where the heart is, isnt it?

So raya for us has always had a santai air about it and is mainly family bonding time. the hubs love having family & friends over and would have me cook 24/7 if he had his way lol. but thats ok because i love it too. both of us dont believe in the modern concept of 'open houses' so anytime is a good time.

Just come on over. at the very least there'll always be hot tea & coffee.

And shisha.. hehehe ;)

..with his loyal sidekick ekekeh!!

Melon flavoured shisha anyone?