Monday, September 28, 2009

Just the 2 of us

Yup i did it again. this time, i messed up the dates of my raya leave!! but by doing so i did get the chance to be alone with the golfman ;)

Everyone was surprised when i turned up for work last thursday. i saw the looks on their faces but it didnt quite register until one of my anak buah's chirped in "eh bukan ke akak dah start cuti?"


Dang.. it said so on my leave form!! i was so focused on clearing my desk before going off for raya that i completely forgot. it's a running joke at the office that altho i'm amongst the 'un'lucky few who dont really have a kampung to go back to, i'm also the one who usually applies for the longest leave!!!

Like i said, home is where the heart is and eid in shah alam can be as merry as any other ;)

So because of the mix up, instead of cancelling my leave i brought it forward and got to spend quality time with the hubs today.. just the two of us, without the kiddoes (cikgu's back in lipis, AI has classes and AH's in school). he's still on his home passage and theres nothing i love more than being together-gether.. even if it means spending the best part of the day stuck at the workshop ekekekeh.

Nak sangat together-gether hah..ambik kau lol

The aircond of his car conked out completely the last time he was back but due to a heavy work schedule, we couldnt get anything done.. until today. initially the mechanics thought it was the blower but turned out something or other had 'melted' and parts had to be replaced. one thing led to another and before we knew it, we' d been there from 11am to almost 5pm!!!

Bapak lame tu weh!!

Sib baik ada free flow of drinks..

Sib baik ada astro..

And sib baik tempatnya pun nyaman ber'aircond' sebab bila sejuk2 tu susah la skit kan for tempers to fly hehehe.

With the car finally fixed, we then made our way to prince court medical centre, a private hospital in the middle of kl. the hub's boss was suffering from severe pain due to appendicitis and was later having it removed. PCMC is a grand place alright but lacks the basic support system necessary to make it a lively & thriving medical centre. there isnt a gift shop or a florist or even a newsstand in sight. theres just a pharmacy and a convenience store, a kiosk and a cafe. somehow it comes across as a half dead place with lotsa lotsa bright & shiny space.

Hmmm baru lagi kot

We topped off the day with a sumptious dinner (cum lunch..we didnt have time for any) at sari ratu where the soft tunjang thingy is a family favourite. so's the sambal hijau, ayam pop and teh botol. gawd, did we stuff our faces silly lol and just so we could eat in peace, free of any guilt from eating without the kids, we also bought some for home.

sori cikgu, lain kali ngan aie gak k

Penat tapi happy.. lets do it again abe :D

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