Sunday, September 6, 2009

Glorious mornings

..great for jogging, briskwalks or even just a stroll.

Ramadhan is usually associated with burning hot days no matter what time of the year it falls into. i guess thats just part of the 'test'. but thankfully, for the past couple of days it has kicked off on a cool & breezy note, sometimes refreshingly laced with a light drizzle (which feels great on your face when you're running lol).

I run better in such weather. somehow the distance just slips on by more easily.. thats how i managed to log in 8km yesterday and 5km today. in fact my transition from power walking to running happened on a drizzly morning. theres just something about the cool breeze on your skin thats totally empowering. maybe for me it also goes back to my childhood days of enjoying the 'mandi hujan', that wild & carefree feeling that comes from frolicking in the rain, being one with nature.

But as the day progressed it became harder and harder for me to hang on to my good mood.

I'd promised AH that by hook or by crook, i'll settle her raya needs by this weekend so that she can focus on her trials and spm. i was confident we'd be able to do it bcos there wasnt any need to go out of shah alam for that. shah alam boasts of her own 'golden triangle' comprising of PKNS Complex, Plaza Alam Sentral & SACC Mall.. a raya shopping haven comparable to that of Jln masjid india/Jln tuanku abdul rahman.

The trio

But it seems that everyone else had made a similar promise to their children. even as early as 11am, the parking lots at PKNS complex and SACC mall was already displaying 'FULL/PENUH' signs.. rendering drivers helpless, desperate for a parking space, some even turning to the dark side by parking haphazardly along the roads causing unnecessary obstruction to others.

Being a native (and knowing your way around) has its perks though. navigating through the chaos as best i could, i made a beeline for the newly opened SACC Convec (convention centre). it has a basement carpark that not many are aware of (yet). so with parking settled all that was left was to maneuvre our way around the endless throng of people, a feat that turned out to be easier said than done!

[gawd where did everyone come from?]

But God took pity on us and made our business there short & sweet. the clothes she wanted came in the sizes she needed.. and it was the same for the shoes she was salivating after!! notice how the shoes that we really really want either isnt available or has run out of our sizes? thankfully, this time it didnt turn out that way for us :)

AH came home a happy kid and thats good enough for me :D

[esok turn AI plak.. and i'd better recky stuff for golfman and cikgu as well]

Abe - wah, i can see you're on a winning streak. congratulations darling, job well done ;)
AF - happy mama dengar you're helping out at the surau. and the 'moreh' section as well.. good for you.
AI - waduh waduh anak mama sorang ni sakan counting sheep siang malam. berpada-pada la yang!!
AH - so now you can focus on the 'one' thing k.

Workout Log
Sat - AM/8k/63mins/TSA
Sun - AM/5k/38mins/TSA


Kak Teh said...

Justiffa, the first hari raya we had back home was after 17 years away and you can imagine the shock when we joined the rush to get raya clothes. The children couldnt understand the fuss and wanted just T shirts and trainers!

Selamat berjogging.

Justiffa said...

KT - it must've been quite a shock.. sian depa, kitorang yg dh biasa ni pun terperanjat2 dibuatnya!!

Jom jogging sama ;)