Thursday, November 12, 2009

"I dont like to sleep alone..

Stay with me... dont go.
Talk with me for just a while
So much of you to get to know. "

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The lyrics of the oldie kept reverberating in my head as i slowly took in the figure on the bill. its certainly an all time high and has, without doubt, beaten all the previous figures straight to hell.

Current amount: RM711.67!!!

I dont know about you but here in my little corner of the world, its considered quite a substantial chunk of RMs. and our's isnt even that big a household!!

My electricity bill used to be around RM 300+ with the 3 airconds (me, the kids & mak) but after the new tarrif & the addition of another aircond, it jumped to around RM500+

I thought that was bad enough but now?!! sheesh, this is actually a whole lot of juice.

The problem with us is (me, the kids.. and golfman too), we all dont like to sleep alone. yup, we really dont. we're stuck with this very bad habit of letting the idiot box stare at us while we sleep.

To start with we sleep with the lights on. me bcos i like to read myself to sleep and golfman bcos he has this rather weird notion that mosquitoes will devour him the moment we switch off the lights. then we moved on to having the idiot box in our room and with astro around, its round the clock thrillers & documentaries for me and sports & golf channel for him. unfortunately, most of the time we end up providing 'entertainment' for the idiot box by way of oh-so-melodious snoring & beyond hilarious posturing lol.

The idiot box is always there, its undemanding presence comforting somehow. so in the end, even without each other, we never sleep alone.

The same goes with the children bcos we're both guilty of passing the habit on to them. they dont sleep alone either.. its either the tv or laptop or both.

[errm.. i sure hope we're not going to die of radiation]

And even with the bill rocketing sky high, i dont quite foresee any immediate changes in the near future.

Aah well. i guess we'll deal with it when we deal with it.

[Adeh, pening.. pening]

" No i dont like to sleep alone
No one does... do you? "

Abe - glad you made it to tashkent safe & sound. call me kolot if u must but i dont really trust those caspian airlines. take care k and kalau terserempak R sampaikan salam pada aranam :)
AF - so its actually bdr muadzam ek? ma dok ingat hutan endau rompin mane ntah hehehe. so good luck with the petanque tournament, hope ur kids do well :D
AI - all the very best with your last paper & hopefully the horror of last nite will NOT repeat itself.. otherwise gemok la kita asyik telan kek hik hik!!
AH - hope you're enjoying 2012.. but its back to the books for you after that k ;)

Latest update:
Guess what came in with today's mail?

Woo hooo!! didnt know adidas was going to send out additional certs for people who made the KOTR's qualifying time,. and to think i almost missed it by 5 secs hehehe. quite a boost for someone who came home dragging her feet ;)

Doesnt take much to make this makcik happy now does it lol!


Anonymous said...

JT, that's a BOMB!!!

I mean both your electricity bill and your KOTR time.

Justiffa said...

Haza.. mmg terkedu bila akak tgk bill tu. wonder if electricity pun bole leak mcm water pipe.. still cant figure out what caused the sudden leap.

My time? hehehe...u jest. that 5 sec was God's gift to me ;)

Ordinary Superhero said...

Congrats and bravo for the feat at KOTR!

Justiffa said...

OS.. tq tq tq.. you people r being extremely nice to this makcik :D