Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Audit fever

And so starts the cycle of ISO auditing.

First, the internal auditors from selangor, then the ones from headquarters and finally, the dreaded, most stress-inducing group of all - sirim.

When you have paperwork by the bundle & documents by the truckload (hehehe i exaggerate but thats how it is in a QS's office), little things like tagging, sorting and minuting can take up a lot of your time and energy.

While there're still those datelines & timelines to consider.

Not counting the out-of-the-blue sms from the boss 'requesting' a short write-up for the office buletin, on her table, first thing in the morning.

And the fact that by some twist of fate you didnt happen to get a single wink of sleep the nite before.

Put all of that together and you get an exact replica of a zombie kg pisang, masquerading as a fit & able member of the workforce, hoping against hope that her project wont be selected by the ncr-hungry auditors.

The gang of zombies over at Kg Pisang lol

Turning almost blue from holding my breath, they finally released the list of selected projects to be scrutinized to the minutest of details... and to my absolute delight & relief, none of mine was on it!!


I can rest easy for now and slowly coax my semi-comatose brain back to life ;)

Maybe tonite i should consider 1. running round in circles till i drop 2. bang my head against the headboard till i pass out 3. drink enough coffee to flood shah alam 4. consider those innocent looking little pills 5. mengaji till the lines all blur into one.

I'm just hoping for some shut-eye and respite from the whirring in my head.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Justiffa, ni audit or accounting not my cup of kopi oh ice, ha ha.
I was never good at debit and credit....only good at certain figures....the ones in sarong, arhaaaa ha ha.
Like the saying, 'every man has a price, every woman a figure'.
You have a nice day, jagan lupa the chili red lipstick and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Justiffa said...

U naughty la uncle lee hehehe but that is what makes you such a fun person ;)

Keep that song in ur heart too :D

Oldstock said...

Previously, I only know of NCR to be the brand name of cash registers.

Dapat satu atau dua NCR dari auditors tu kira okay la kan. No auditor would believe that we are that perfect, right?

BTW, our company's audit is middle of this month and I received news that my project would the one the auditors want to visit. Aduh...

Justiffa said...

Oldstock - *echoing ur aduh* mmg la pening. when we're bombarded left, right & centre with site problems, construction screw ups & contractual errors, ISO procedure & documentation can be the last thing on our minds.

Apapun good luck k.. and may the force be with you (said in the best jedi impersonation that i can muster lol)!! ;)

Ordinary Superhero said...

Eish, mesti penat tahap gaban nih, this is the only (perhaps) entry that does not have that colourful italic notes!
Apa pun, take care.

Justiffa said...

OS - hahaha mmg gaban pun.. and thank you, i will.

Hey btw, you letting that running shoes of yours gather dust or something? ;p