Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In the silence of nite

..i ponder about my life & the changes that my body must be going through.

My circadian rhythm is out of whack and i fear that my internal clock might be busted. its 2 nites in a row that i find myself still awake at 4 in the morning. oh i've always been a nite person but sleeping has never been such a problem, not really.

Sleep is certainly eluding me now and here i am, terkelip-kelip like a clueless monkey, with a brain thats refusing to shutdown!

Peralihan umur?

Probably... from being old to being ancient ekekeh.

Misssing the man?

Definitely.. but it has always been manageable so far.

Work stress?

Perhaps.. but although the ISO auditing is a pain, i dont think its enough to screw up my head.


Dunno, i really dont.

But whatever it is i need my rest.

In the meantime, i'm going back to the prayer mat.

Abe - its happening again.. and i wish you were here to walk me through the changes.
AF - hehehe sorry about this morning la darling.
AI - just another day and your car will be ready.. beringat la lebih skit lepas ni k :)
AH - i agree the whole 'ensemble' sucks big time but what to do, in this case we just have to go along with it.


Anonymous said...

There's one doctor who shared with me that this could be His way of training us for qiam. Entah, Allahu'alam. As long as you don't feel sleep deprived.

pakmat said...

salam justiffa..I wanted to say welome to the club..but no..pakmat thinks someone is missing her man..but tend to agree with Haza..

Justiffa said...

Haza - akak rasa pun camtu haza. problem is the effect of sleep deprivation sneeks up on us.. everything feels dandy tiba2 terlelap kat traffic light la or worse, while driving!!

Whoossh..seriau gak.

Justiffa said...

W'salam pakmat.. and thank u for putting out the welcome mat, mmg sah dah masuk the same club dah pun hehehe :)