Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dry spells

When it comes to my running, i seem to be going through a lot of dry spells lately.

Its actually a curious phenomenon because running makes me feel good. i've long established the fact that running 1. calms my restlessness 2. regulates my otherwise varocious appetite 3. allows me to be in tune with my body 4. generally makes me happier.

So now why would i want to skip something thats obviously good for me?

Hmmmm. i've thought about it long & hard.

It cant be the 'evil saboteur' out to destroy me once again bcos last i remember, i'd left her locked & shackled in the deepest dungeons of my soul. so its probably the M virus, which can be just as deadly. once we've been hit by the 'malas' bug, the only option is.. total annihilation!!! destroy it or it'll suck the very life force out of you and leave you incapacitated & helpless.

I cant allow that to happen now can i?

So, i'm gathering all my resources, all the weaponry in my arsenal and declaring an all out war ;)

To the death of the 'M' bug!!!!

[haish... terlebih excited la pulak ekekekeh]

Theatrics aside, it IS a serious matter. 'malas' will be the death of me if i dont do something.. and so, to get the 'canon ball' rolling, i now dedicate the rest of november to operation 'counter strike'!! short term target - fitter by december ;D

After making sure i had flushed out every pore on my body (with stinky sweat what else? lol) by maximising the aerobic moves of the rather flabby instructor (as an instructor how could he allow himself to be so out of shape?), i made a beeline for the tasik and hit a slow but steady 4km run.

A great way to start my day eh ;)

Life is good so lets keep it that way JT!!

Sometime after lunch, AH & I decided we both needed a break (i was doing some reading while she was going thru past year papers or something) so i suggested a visit to the hairdresser. somehow the idea of some pampering was getting more appealing by the minute lol. plus the fact that its been a long hot afternoon and nothing seeps at my energy faster than heat & humidity.

And the outcome? it was time & money well spent :)

Relaxed & refreshed we were ready for the world!! hehehe.. nah, just my MIL bcos it was then time for my weekly visit. mek is just a seksyen away, where she resides at her own apartment with 2 of my SILs. between the brothers they have tried to divide the responsibility of caring for their mom equally. golfman's part is taking care of groceries and making sure a day doesnt go by w/out food on the table. with golfman away that responsibility is now mine.

Mek loves fast food lol so apart from my weekly grocery stops, i drop in whenever i can with little offerings of burgers & nuggets & kfc's. a niece would've already prepared lunch before leaving for her shift but mek sometimes get bored with the usual fare and welcomes the change. i guess i would too if i was old and tired and stuck at home like her. not that we havent asked her out for outings, shes just not up to going places anymore.. but that doesnt mean that she doesnt miss it. so we do what we can to cheer her up.

It remained a hot day and when it was time to leave we both cringed at the thought of getting back into the car.

Thankfully no more excursions was necessary. once home we stayed home and fortunately mak was also quiet and at peace with her lot. we could then retire to the cool calmness of my room.

Lepak time, yay ;)

Workout Log
AM - aerobic/40mins/DSA
AM - 4km/30mins/TSA


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Justiffa, wow, you do running or jogging? 5..10 km?
Hmmm, I don't think I can run even 1km, ha ha...
like this boleh enter marathon run, ha ha.
But good for you keep fit this way...outstanding!
Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Justiffa said...

Uncle lee, to others its more like fast walking lorh hehehe. but it takes a lot out of me to huff & puff the kilometres away so yes, i call it running ;)

No lah lee, i dont have the tenacity nor the drive to do marathons, paling2 pun masuk 10km race only.. itu pun so that i can feel like i'm part of the running community la hehehe. what i try to do is put in 3-4km before coming to work in the mornings :)

Jom lari with me uncle lee.. i promise we'll just trot along & even have time to smell the roses ;)