Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 3

Just one paper today and its the weekend break yay!!!

AH's teman setia while she studies lol

Abe - cikgu's back and the comforting sound of our children's laughter is washing away my blues :D good luck with the exhibition k, luvya!!

Workout Log
AM - 4k/30min/TSA ... hah, chased away some of my demons and my heart is so much lighter ;)
PM - Aerobics Masalla/70mins/NRG


Fadzli said...

All the best,i think as a mother mesti Aunty risau kan? Insya Allah ok la tu..

Justiffa said...

Liiii, how r u?! thx.. insyallah aunty pun harap2 camtu la :)